Corpus of 1830-1918 Polish was compiled as a part of grant funded by the National Science Centre in years 2013-1017 (“Automatic morphological analysis of Polish texts from 1830-1918 period with respect to evolution of inflection and spelling” DEC-2012/07/B/HS2/00570;

The corpus was processed with Morfeusz2 analyzer (using corpus-based 19c. dictionary) and Concraft 2 tagger.

Citation: Bilińska et al. 2016: Bilińska, J., Derwojedowa M., Kwiecień M., Kieraś W., Mikrokorpus polszczyzny 1830-1918, Komunikacja Specjalistyczna/Communication for Special Purposes…, 11/2016, pp. 149-161. [RDF] [BiBTeX]