Please install a DjVu plugin for your browser or use the djview for Poliqarp client program. You may also switch on the option “Experimental graphical concordances”.

This is a preliminary retrodigitization of the second edition of Linde's dictionary in a form of a two-layer (texts and scans) DjVu corpus with an index and the two-level regular expressions Poliqarp search engine.

The version 1 of the corpus is available since August 6, 2010. It contains about 7 milions tokens representing about 5000 pages of the dictionary.

The recommended form of acknowledging in the scientific publications the use of this retrodigitization and the search engine is to reference the paper Efficient search in hidden text of large DjVu documents or Skanowane teksty jako korpusy. The recommended form of acknowledging the use of index is referencing the presentation Elektroniczny indeks do słownika Lindego.

The recommended way to use the search engine and the index is the djview4poliqarp remote client available on all basic platforms. For use with a WWW browser it is recommended to switch on Experimental graphical concordances in the Settings panel.

Scans were made with Fujitsu fi-6130 scanner and Kofax VRS software by Joanna A. Bilińska. OCR was prepared by Janusz S. Bień with FineReader 10 (selected language Polish, default values of other recognition parameters) and saved as PDF/A files with MRC lossy compression. The scans has been converted to DjVu format by Jakub Wilk, he also converted the OCR results to the suitable corpus format.

Search can be limited to a specific volume with the within clause, e.g. within vol1,..., within vol6, within vol6part1 or within vol6part2.

The within clause can be also used to limit the search to the following sections:

The page was updated by Janusz S. Bień in September 2014.